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Senator Rand Paul shames media for ignoring ‘worldwide war on Christianity’

Senator Rand Paul noted in a speech , October 11th, 2013  at the Values Voter Summit that “Pew Research did a poll and it indicated that 21% of Egyptians, 15% of Jordanians … 13% of Pakistani Muslims find terrorism acceptable, if not laudable… [I]f you add up the numbers in just three countries it’s over 40 million Muslims [who] sympathize with violence against Christians. This shouldn’t be understated.” And indeed, if between just 10% and 13% of Muslims all across the Muslim world are devoted enough to their “prophet” and to Islam, that’s about 200 million antichrist soldiers ready to raise the banner of jihad for the cause of “Allah” and his “prophet” against a world of non-Muslims. Where have we heard that number before? …

Sen. Paul went on to describe how “[President Obama is] now arming Islamic rebels who are allied with Al Qaeda who attacked us on 9/11. Does that make any sense at all? American tax dollars should never be spent to prop up a war on Christianity, but that’s what’s happening now across the globe …” 

Hadith Sahih Muslim 1:33, “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah …”

Qur’an Sura 8:39, “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”


Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul spent Friday morning telling stories to conservatives about the persecution of Christians across the world.

“Today I want to tell you about a war the mainstream media is ignoring,” the Republican lawmaker said Friday during the Values Voter Summit in Washington. “From Boston to Zanzibar, there is a worldwide war on Christianity.”

“You won’t hear much about it on the evening news because the answer is not convenient and does not fit the narrative we have been told about radical Islam,” Paul added.

Paul also said President Obama”tries to gloss over who is attacking and killing Christians.”

“But the truth is, there is a worldwide war on Christians by a fanatical element of Islam,” Paul said.

“Ever since 9/11, commentators have tried to avoid pointing fingers at Islam,” he said. “While it is fair to point out that most Muslims are not committed to violence against Christians, this is not the whole truth and we should not let political correctness stand in the way of the truth.”

Examples referenced by Paul:

  • Referencing an incident in Syria, Paul spoke of Islamic rebels storming into town and demanding everyone convert to Islam or die. “Sarkis el Zakhm stood up and answered them, ‘I am a Christian and if you want to kill me because I am a Christian, do it.’ Those were Sarkis last words.”
  • “Elsewhere in Syria, Islamic rebels have filmed beheadings of their captives and celebrated by eating the heart of an enemy soldier,” Paul said. “Two Christian bishops have been kidnapped and one priest recently killed.”
  • “In Zanzibar, a priest was shot in the head on his way to church by two Muslim youths,” Paul said. :A message by the Muslim Renewal said, ‘We thank our young men, trained in Somalia, for killing an infidel. Many more will die. We will burn homes and churches. We have not finished: at Easter, be prepared for disaster.’”
  • Said Paul: “In Kenya, motorcycle assailants hurled bombs into a Christian church injuring 15 people including the pastor who had both of his legs broken.”
  • “In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, three girls were beheaded on their way to their Christian school,” Paul said.
  • “In Guinea this year a Muslim mob attacked and killed 95 Christians and injured 130,” he said.
  • Paul said that, “In Egypt, 82 churches were recently attacked, leaving hundreds dead or wounded.”
  • “In Cameroon, recently, two Christians who had converted from Islam were murdered,” Paul said.
  • “In Iran, American pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned indefinitely, facing physical and psychological torture at the hands of his captors who have demanded that he renounce his faith,” he said.
  • “In Libya, the country we freed from oppression, Benghazi militias raided a Christian church rounding up over a hundred Christians accusing them of being missionaries because they possessed Bibles and crosses,” Paul said. “Many were tortured and one Christian died while being tortured.”
  • “In Pakistan, last week 75 Christians were killed and several hundred injured in a church bombing,” Paul said.

I have Just one extra information i would like to add:

There is no something called ‘radical islam’ and ‘non-radical islam’; Islam is Islam, Just ONE islam…

We never heard such terms in the middle east , the land of islam…
Western politicians invented those terms to appease the growing muslim population in their countries….As All muslims believe in just ONE Koran and just ONE prophet, so there is also one type of islam not two.

Yes, there are muslims who apply literally what’s in their ‘sacred’ texts and consequently become violent and full of hatred and racism against others…Other muslims don’t bother to apply what’s in their islamic texts, even some others ignore a lot about facts in these religious texts….

As all people of different religious or non-religious group, muslims can be good or bad according to the degree of their religious devotion, but islam itself is very evil.


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