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”Muslims in the West have no respect for your system”

Sabatina James rejects the Western approach to dealing with the ‘honor’ problem


When Sabatina James climbs the podium at the Danish Free Press Society, she immediately takes control of the room. It makes no difference that she has told her story many times before – the flight from the Muslim family of Pakistani origin, the conversion to Christianity and her tireless work for girls and women in the West who escape the “honor culture”. When she stands in front of the audience, her commitment makes us all feel chosen. We are torn between tragedy and humor while she tells her personal story, in between details of Islamic doctrine and culture.

This is pertinent and painful to listen to. She speaks of what many of us have begun to understand: The problem of ‘honor’, the power structures, the violence and the hypocrisy within the Islamic world. And Sabatina James is as hard as a rock in her criticism of the West. She condemns politicians and the so-called “anti-racists” as hard as she condemns the leaders of the Muslim world. But she is even harder on the Muslims who do not dare to stand up and say “No!”, the quiet ”moderate Muslims”. It is easy to understand why Salafists and moderate Muslims detest Sabatina James. She exposes and reveals their lies and their tactics.

And, appropriately, a car is waiting for her outside the hall when the meeting is over. A handsome, silvery BMW is parked right outside the venue, with a young Muslim couple sitting inside. The police said later: ”They were not out to hurt her, just send a message, that they know what she is doing.”

Sabatina James is perfectly aware just how dangerous her work is. Still, she says what needs to be said: Europe has to stand up for the values that built the Western world. What we are experiencing now is a clash between two widely different civilizations.

“Islam is not compatible with democracy and freedom of expression. That was understood in Europe, and thus you separated the church from the state. This caused Europe to continue its development while the Arabic / Muslim world is still stuck in the 7th century,” says Sabatina James.

Because the Muslim world is ruled by holy books, it will never get anywhere, she believes. It is impossible to create a healthy society with rational individuals, when the moral idol is a 7th-century warlord. An idol who even took a 9-year-old girl as his wife, and considered it his absolute, holy duty to kill ”infidels”.

“It might have been acceptable in the 7th century, but as it remains a demand to view Mohammed as the perfect human being – which lots of Muslims do – then it doesn’t work,” says Sabatina James.

Many in the West see the Muslim attitude as a question of education and class. They believe that insufficient education and economic vulnerability are the reasons why Muslims act as they do. This is rejected by Sabatina James as pure nonsense. The members of her own family are highly educated and moved from Pakistan to Austria long ago, yet they intended to marry her to a cousin from their home country and called her a “whore” when she wanted to live like a Western woman.

“The problem is the culture. Muslims think that they must believe in the god of the Quran, and simply refuse to leave behind the concept of a god,” she says.

After many years in Europe, Sabatina James still does not understand why nobody takes the Islamists seriously. Although they state their goals completely openly, as anyone can hear and see on the Internet.

“But just as people dismissed Hitler during the 1930′s, today the Islamists are being dismissed. This attitude will be devastating for Europe. The threat is not imaginary, it is shouted out every day by fanatical imams, converts and terrorist organizations,” she says.

“Take their words seriously! What happens when Islam enters a society is clearly visible around the world.”

Sabatina James is well aware that non-Muslims who take up the problem of Islamization will be accused of “racism” and “Islamophobia”. Even when fundamental human rights are being discussed, the “Islamophobia card” is played.

Following the meetingDispatch International asked Sabatina James some questions:

It was determined recently that a Swedish project about girls in honor cultures was a complete failure. In perfect Swedish style, the authorities tried by way of dialogue to make the young and their families reach a solution. That resulted in two girls being murdered, and in not a single case did a family realize that their girls have the right to decide over their own lives. Why do you think such a project failed?

“Because they consider you unclean! These people have no respect for you or for your system. In public, many Muslims say things that you want to hear, but that is just because they do not want to engage in open ‘confrontation’. I can compare that to my own situation. My father and my family members said one thing to the police and the social authorities. As soon as the latter had left, all their promises and fine words evaporated. Instead, honor had to be restored.”

my-fight-for-faith-freedom-sabatina-james-hardcover-cover-artIn the Western world, the left used to fight for a secular society and was entirely opposed to religion. Nowadays they work with Islamists to introduce more Islam into society. What do you think causes this?

“My only explanation for this would be that it’s due to a minority complex.. When the left has determined that a group constitutes a minority, it is constantly ‘exposed’. Minorities are considered flawless, everything they do wrong is considered to result from oppression by the majority.”

Do you think we can ever defeat Islamism?

“Yes! But only if the Western world recovers its fundamental values of freedom. If you stay firm in your principle that religion is to be separated from the state. But Europe has a great problem: There are only very few brave people left. It is easier to simply keep a low profile. We need to return to faith, though not necessarily to faith in a god. The Muslims are actually right, Westerners do not believe in anything. The lack of faith is making us weak, as individuals and as a society.

“We still have freedom of expression, but if it dies, all other human rights will disappear. Do not ever forget that.”


Portrait article of Sabatina James

Source: Dispatch International

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