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Islamophobia: The Backlash That Isn’t

Two days ago I red an article I qualify as ignorant and an utopian opinion about the so-called “Islamophobia in America”. This article is written by someone I would describe as a left wing “useful idiot” University of Maine Professor “Scott Erb” who doesn’t have the minimum clue what Islam is all about…As a former Muslim myself, I answered him by a short comment saying so and that I am from Egypt, where I was born and lived my first 27 years. Does that make me an “Islamophobe” and a “racist” too?…I received a fascist kind of deny-the-truth answer from a delusional personality living in complete denial of reality, accusing me of lying…See the comment below:

Thanks to my Friend Frank Wuco who is an expert in the Middle East affairs and the Islamist movements. He wrote him the following answer:

An obscure college professor, Scott Erb, imprisoned in the one-dimensional and utterly secure world of academia recently published a scholarship-free whine that compares “American Islamophobia” with the conditions of pre-1940′s anti-Semitism that existed in Nazi Germany. Not only is this deeply insulting to the Jewish people and survivors of The Holocaust, but it is highly offensive to those of us have legitimate concerns over the one-thousand four-hundred year-old temporal and non-temporal supposedly divine directive. I myself would be offended, but I’d rather shelter my hurt feelings within the truth, like the truth that Maggy K is a real person who was a real Muslim who really was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, leaving the country and Islam at the age of 27. Maggy is also the Editor of www.nocompulsion.com. She wrote him a note telling the obviously intuitive Professor of these facts and he posted on his very own website that he didn’t believe her and that she was a fake, posing as a Muslim, to get the Professors goat. The hubris when professors have to deal with real live grown-ups.

Dr. Erb either has no significant knowledge of Islamic texts, theology, politics, and apocalyptic, or he is just plain lazy and needy. For that, hugs are easy and free. To understand the rational discomfort and/or fear of the Islamic design for the future, the work is hard, exacting, and often, dangerous. I wonder… how much danger has the good Professor endured in his examinations of the Islamic worldview? Hmm? Perhaps mosquito bites giving lectures on the lawn to fawning students on the University of Maine campus?

You can read Professor Erb’s lazy and tear-soaked letter to adoring undergrads here.

The Daily SITREP responds:

Professor, I am a retired Naval Officer, intelligence professional and consultant who has dedicated his entire adult life to protecting our country’s citizens, founding principles, ideas, and ideals. I was born and raised in Southern California in a very open, accepting, and vigorously anti-racist home. My mother ejected a teenage boy from our home and made it clear he was never welcome back for just suggesting the use of a derogatory word for black Americans. On that note, I have friends who are of Jamaican, Haitian, and Cuban heritage who prefer not to be referred to as “African Americans.” In fact, most prefer “American,” or “Hatian, Cuban, etc.” So, I’m not being an Afrophobe when I refrain from using the term “African American,” which I find antithetical to the American ideal.

Cutting to the chase, Professor, I am not an Islamophobe, though according to the knowledge base from which I must operate, I have no doubt that I would fit snuggly into your vapid, offensive, and inaccurate description of same; “an irrational fear of Islam.” This will be my last denial, lest you whip out the ‘ol professorial standby, “The (man) doth protest too much, methinks.” I’m no “lady,” hence the liberty in changing Will Shakespeare’s blemish-free prose. I do suppose that I should, for the record, clarify that my removal of the word “Lady” from the stanza at hand, might by your analytic methodologies qualify me as a misogynist or anti-feminist, of which I am neither. I have spent the last 11+ years of my life taking an extremely deep dive into the theology, worldview, apocalyptic (as a science, not a movie scene of Washington DC, Jerusalem, and the Vatican on fire), and daily living within the strictures of Shari’ah law and the un-excisable endgame of a world subsumed into dar al-Islam, the meaning of which I presume you know. You seem to assume enough scholarship that you decided to omit it from your blog article on so-called Islamophobia. At least I was unable to detect any actual scholarship that was employed to make your point; only loosely constructed linkages between early-Nazi anti-Semitism and what your conclude (wrongly) to be today’s “irrational” fear of Islam in American society. Assumptions do not make fact, professor, and yours are wrong, entirely.

To suggest that Lowe’s decision or the “pressure” from The Florida Family Association to that company, and others you list, is anywhere close to neo-Fascist or Nazi-like, is not only incredibly offensive to Jews who suffered in the Holocaust and have been and remain the target of Islamist militants globally, it is factually and historically vacant on so many levels it almost defies retort. Almost. First, before you try to package fears of Islam into a (again) unscholarly and tidy little package that compares it the perhaps the most hideous human tragedy in the past several hundred years, there are many things in your apples-to-dinosaurs comparisons that border on malpractice.

While you have no doubt caused your students great joy taking on “the man” this way and comparing him to Nazis and Fascists, and though not specified in your pejorative-riddled and fact-free article, just remember, the Nazis and the Fascists were Socialists. Left Wing. Militant Left Wing, each of which sought societies free from the defects of difference; ethnic, religious, and political. They were in extreme competition with the other Socialist Utopian State forming to their east and northeast, respectively, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I say all of this because the re-crafting of history so infecting your profession leaves you just a short skip away from comparing Nazis and Fascists to American Republicans, Conservatives, and people who self-identify as Tea Party; all the precise opposite of the left-wing socialist ideals and “isms” that gave rise to the Nazis, Fascists, and Soviets.

If you are going to accurately describe Lowes, Home Depot, Sweet-n-Low, and ME, just leave it be as such: the theological tenets of Islam that prescribe the subjugation or conversion of non-Mulsims into the Islamic social order or dar al-Islam, by way of force, warfare, and murder, causes concern. This concern is rooted in the appearance (at a minimum) that the families portrayed in American Muslim are either woefully and negligently ignorant of their own canons and religious laws, or they are being willfully deceitful. To wit, your next paragraph below, which is grossly, if not entirely, assumptive and lazy in its default comparison to the worst human crime to occur in generations. You, Sir, should be ashamed of yourself. But, you’re not. You are Master of 19 year-olds and are very rarely wrong or misguided, no doubt.

You have established that you know nothing of Nazism or Fascism and I would urge your students to study both, using sources that pre-date the 1960’s. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, for instance, would support none of your assumptions, its author would find your article doltish, and your display of scholarship hideous. Wm. Shirer would likely refuse to share a stage with you do discuss the matter altogether, so grossly have you mischaracterized the horrors and predilections of the Holocaust. At a minimum, any responsible display of an accurate understanding of those two national-socialist systems, you render cartoonish and make of them a caricature of in your letter. Sophomoric would be high praise in scholarship or editorial work, compared to what you have delivered, which was amateurish and immature on both accounts.

I might likewise urge your students to talk to their parents and to challenge you (and for you to allow them to do so) on your loose and irresponsible use of Holocaust memories to stir their emotions (and those of others) to prop up your thin and dangerous assumptions. Dangerous, Professor (yes, I went there). Professor, Abe Lincoln once said that The Constitution “is not a suicide pact.” Well, Professor, neither is religious “tolerance.” To say that the worldview of the Florida Family Foundation is comparable to a fascist worldview is hyperbole bordering on the neurotic, if yours is an emotional response, which it appears to be. If you are presenting this comparison as a conclusive or empirical conclusion, then your analysis begins to read in the hallucinogenic range, literally. To be kind, I do not believe you suffer from hallucinations, nor do I believe you are psychotic. But, your emotional conclusions drive further and further from a scholarly understanding of Islamic theology and law the further your article, or letter to your adoring student body, proceeds.

You have, in just 975 words characterized Fascism, Nazism, and Islam in a manner that strongly suggests you understand none of them (belying your own Curriculum Vitae), let alone how they may compare to any contemporary situation in the United States. For instance, you fail to display any knowledge whatsoever the Nazis’ and the Fascists’ formal alliance with the Islamist militant Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Not only was he allied with Hitler, but they met in conference twice and al-Husseini relayed to the Palestinians that Hitler was fulfilling the will of God and vowed to assist the Nazis exterminating the Jewish race. Likewise, Hitler vowed to oppose the establishment of the State of Israel in Palestine. To drop an additional fly in your punchbowl, al-Husseini recruited Islamic fighters to fill the ranks of the Waffen SS’s al-Hanshar Brigades in Yugoslavia to round up Jews in the Balkans and fight against Tito’s Partisan forces. But the hatred of the Jews shared by Hitler, Mussolini (also an ally of the Grand Mufti) and al-Husseini began long before World War II. In fact, it began long before the utopian “isms” if the 19th Century. The “divinely” inspired hatred of the Jews was instituted by Muhammad himself, the man reverred by Muslims to be the Apostle of God who received the final prescription for the salvation of mankind in the Qur’an and further codified in the Hadith (Sahih) and the tafsir (ibn-Kathir, in particular), all of which I assume you understand completely, given your obvious scholarship. I will assume, by way of your obvious intelligence and awareness, Sir, that your research into the “irrational” fear of Islam included a full examination of the Islamic texts, or sources as they are referred to by the four major schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence, and by the Shi’a as well.

Let me quote a passage from the Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari (arguably the second most sacred Islamic text after the Qur’an) and, with the Hadith Sahih Imam Muslim, is solely used in conjunction with the Qur’an for the formulation of Islamic law. As you forced your readers to do with the entirety of your letter to adoring students, I will beg license that I have not pulled things out of context, nor misunderstood the meaning and non-temporal intent of the law. I lived it. I quote:

Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari 2925-2926 – Allah’s Apostle (i.e. Muhammad) (the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) said, “You (i.e. Muslim) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, O Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah )! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him!

… Allah’s Apostle (the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The Hour (final judgment) will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding says, “O Muslims! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him!”

Now, I know your temptation will be to assert that I am taking things out of context, so I will remind you that these Hadith, which are sunnah, appear on the first page of the Hamas Charter to this day! Hamas will not remove them; they cannot, they are divinely directed. Neither will they remove their call for the destruction of Israel, all which dates back to the charter of their forebear, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, ally of Adolph Hitler. I would like to believe that this is knowledge you possessed, given your doctoral work and undergraduate and postgraduate work in European History, but maybe you forgot, or chose to forget. Otherwise, I cannot imagine how you, immersed in academic grandeur and travels, could have possibly seen fit to compare the “plight” of American Muslims, to that of the Jews, pre- and post-WWII. Jews who suffered at hands of the Muslims to whom you compare them today. The highly European Italians do not even recognize Islam as a legitimate religion, given its prescriptions for violence (violence that Southern Europeans lived with up-close-and-personal for centuries (before the Islamophobic Crusades). In highly European Italy, Muslim institutions are not granted tax benefits as a religion.

Back to the Jews, of whom you fond (among other things, I’m sure) for providing you the nexus of your thesis; The Holocaust. Muslims cannot, by the order of God Himself, excise from their will or personal lifestyle (lest they be in a state of hypocrisy or apostasy), the hatred of Jews; hatred that caused Muhammad himself to participate in the decapitation of over 700 hundred of them at the Battle of Qurayza in 627 A.D. This example of peaceful and beautiful tolerance was established by Muhammad! Jews were to be hated, hunted, sacked, raided, subjugated and/or slaughtered because they were Jews and for no other reason. None. Rich is the Qur’an, Hadith, and Tafsir with the multiple prescriptions for mujahada and or jihad (from the root word mujahada: warfare to establish the religion) as fard-ayn and fard-kifayah. These divinely dictate that all who dwell in the dar al-harb (that would be you, professor) shall accept Islam or live under its social order as dhimmi and pay the jizyah, or be slain.

The utter silence and denial of the American Muslim community for whom you weep words wrapped in hugs, in light of the condensed information above, is alarming. That they do not, as American citizens, take to the streets in equal outrage to offenses against their fellow citizens on our soil in full daylight displays, at a minimum, ambivalence toward our values and their pride in American citizenship. At best, after every terror attack or arrest (9/11, Ft. Hood, Army Recruiting Center Little Rock, Arkansas, D.C. Sniper, Panty Bomber (probably offends, sorry) Abdul Mutallab, Times Square, an on)… after every one of these incidents, the BEST that the major bodies of Islamic representation in the United States (CAIR, ICNA, ISNA) can do is lament, not the deaths of, and crimes against, their fellow American citizens, but the “backlash” against Muslims; backlash that never does, nor ever has, come; not from their fellow Americans. What is wanted Professor is nothing that comes close to the disgusting and negligently lazy comparisons you make within the comfort zone of your undergrad work, but some honesty in portraying Islam (not peaceful Muslims, who essentially ignore the most important prescriptions of their faith) as what it is now and has been since its inception: A total system of theology, subjugation, obedience, and governance that by divine directive, MUST subsume all of humanity and known property into dar al-Islam.

I suggest you read Sayyid Qutb’s Milestones and Shamim A. Siddiqi’s Methodology of Dawah in American Perspective. Siddiqi’s tract was written and published in the United States and is one of the most widely read in the American (and Canadian) Muslim communities. It is the prescription for the Islamic takeover of the United States. It is available on line in .pdf form and in just about every mosque and Islamic Center bookstore in the country, but you have to ask and you have to know how to ask. I recommend also that you read a couple of works by Majid Khadduri, especially The Islamic Law of Nations: Shaybani’s Siyar. You should like it. He was a prominent Islamic Studies Professor at Johns Hopkins in the 1950’s and 1960’s and his works were written mostly during those decades, far removed and untainted by the high emotions of the post-9/11 world and sufficiently after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Now, he was a real life academic and a Muslim, so it’ll be kind of tough for you to attach charges of Islamophobia on him, but you’ll try I’m sure. Oh, and read book O: Justice, Reliance of the Traveler and learn just how wrong you are. Reliance is the largest selling book in the Muslim world (after the Qur’an) and it was first published smack in the middle of the 14th Century by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri. It is THE classic manual of Islamic sacred law (even says so on its cover). It is approved by all major schools of Islamic jurisprudence and it (and its 1994 English translation) is approved by the oldest university in existence (exciting, right?) and the premiere institution of Islamic learning in the world, al-Azhar University, whose imprimatur appears in the opening pages of the book, together with others from prominent centers of Islamic study (silly, none of them are in the Northeast U.S.). Doubtless Sir, the prescriptions for jihad for ALL Muslims laid forth in Book O: Justice (Ibid) are the work of disgusting Islamophobes!

Professor, I’d be happy to come speak to one of your classes for a true open learning experience for your students, but it may cause them to talk to their parents, and each other, regarding why it is you are teaching such bull feces and passing it off as education, when it is little more than an act of your ego. Yes, Sir! Let you be the one-man claxon against the horrors that shall be visited upon Muslim Americans, comparable only to The Holocaust. Are you kidding me? Do you even hear yourself? Further, you insulted a friend who was born and raised in Egypt, was a devout Muslima (Muslim, female) and escaped the horrors of growing up female in an Islamic society. You are so sure of yourself that you accused her of being a “fake” Muslim; a person posing as a Muslim to put Islam in a bad light. Well, she’s not a fake Muslim, Sir. She is quite real, as am I. You may Google my name: Frank Wuco. I would be happy to provide you with my complete record of service to this country as a Naval Intelligence Officer and what came after. Am I a phony? Is CBS corespondent Lara Logan, who was nearly beaten to death and brutally raped and molested in the full bloom of the Arab Spring by peace-loving Muslims, a phony? An Islamophobe? The peace-loving Muslim men who nearly killed her like animals, said it was their right, as she was kaffir woman insulting them with her presence, illegally among them without escort or aman (not “a man”… look it up) and, according to Islamic law, they were correct. In fact, why don’t we up that ante on my invite to your institution and allow you and me to share the stage, after I give my own presentation. It would be good for the students to hear what you’re not telling them. Up to you. To be fair, you are invited to come on my radio show any time you wish and I will let you make your case for an American citizenry prepared to engage in activity comparable to the horrors of The Holocaust.

Wake up, professor. Travel sometime, as something other than someone on an academic retreat. Furthermore, do not speak on behalf of anyone other than yourself when explaining Islamophobia to those from whom you already receive adoration, students at your feet. Muslims have killed thousands of your fellow citizens (by “citizens” I mean, American Citizens, not Citizens-of-the-World). It seems to me they don’t need your protection, you moron. Perhaps you suffer from an irrational fear of Muslims not being able to fend for themselves, which hardly seems to be the case. You neither speak for me, nor understand me or the people of whom you accuse of Islamophobia (talk about phony… is Islamophobia even a real word?). Not sure what your faith heritage is, Sir, and could really care less. But, here’s what I suggest you do: Go to Tahrir square (or Dearborn, Michigan (I’ll tell you exactly in which neighborhoods to do this)) and defend Atheism. In minutes you’ll be looking around for men like me to save your ass.

There is no “Islamophobia” in this country that is not the result of the horrors that its own prescriptions have visited upon our citizens, with no end in site, and that’s MY business, professor, not yours. You are a sad and contemptible man who has had a comfortable life provided by the steel of men like me and many more who are much more worthy members of the reviled warrior class. I’ve done my job. You are welcome. Now do me the honor of doing your job.

An article by: Frank Wuco
Source : www.frankwuco.com

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